About Us

Founded in 2015, Raging Cider & Mead Co. has it's roots in Dave's youth in England visiting family and realizing he loved scrumpys and English ciders in general; as well as, Dave & Kerry's youth as wild punk rock teenagers. All of this came together in 2010 when Dave started making cider due to Kerry's gluten intolerance. Over time Dave rediscovered his love of cider from his youth as well as local sources for suitable apples for cider making. After a few years of experimenting, Kerry pushed him to start making cider professionally and Raging Cider & Mead Company was born. The decision was made to grow their fruit utilizing regenerative methods and produce their ciders/perrys/wines naturally utilizing the native yeasts endemic to the orchards. In addition, they commited to only source apples, pears, honey, and other fruit from within San Diego County in order to support the local farming community and regrow the rich apple & pear orcharding traditions of the local San Diego mountains (in particular the Julian region). They have also committed to purchasing "ugly" and overproduced fruit to help local farmers derive a secondary income source from fruit that may have gone to waste and reintroducing traditionally made ciders (or heirloom ciders) to the American consumer using various techniques such as fermenting and aging on the lees in wine barrels in addition to P├ętillant Naturel and other techniques borrowed from the wine world.

Raging Cider & mead Co is a small family oriented business with their son Travis particularly involved in cellar work, harvesting, planting, and other orchard work. Travis's wife Lindsay runs local deliveries of their self-distributed ciders to bottle shops & restaurants/taphouses. Their daughter Sierra spends time assisting with harvest & planting and her husband Cody helps maintain and harvest the orchards. Their grandsons Silas & Deklan have been known to collect a bushel or two at times.

Our Team

  • Dave Carr

    Owner + Cider & Mead maker + Orchardist

  • Kerry Carr

    Owner + Packaging & Order Fulfillment

  • Travis Carr

    Owner + Cellarman + Orchardist

  • Cody Wolf


  • Sierra Wolf

    Owner + Orchard Laborer + Ecologist

  • Lindsay Carr

    Local Distribution Delivery